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Mediheal X LINE Friends Face Masks

The little Asian girl in me is squealing with delight. Cartoon characters and skincare unite in a cute yet cool skincare collaboration.... the Mediheal X Line Friends Masks ($3.98 each at

WHAT IS LINE FRIENDS? LINE is a Japanese social media company and app that features instant text, picture and video messaging. Once upon a time LINE created sticker emoji cartoon characters (called "LINE FRIENDS"). These characters became so popular that you can now watch videos of the Line Friends singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm on Youtube and purchase stuffed animals, sticky notes, costumes and other miscellaneous Line Friends branded merchandise... including face masks. Brown is a bear, Sally is a duck and Cony is a rabbit. 

WHAT IS MEDIHEAL? Mediheal is a Korean skincare brand developed out of Seoul University. The brand's vision is to encourage consumers to get beautiful skin at home, without the need for surgical treatments. I haven't seen the brand much in Canada, other than in Korean beauty stores. Even so, they must be pretty popular because their website says they've sold over 10 million masks to date. 

Mediheal is known for two types of masks:
  1. The Cellulose Mask, which is suitable for sensitive skin and features high adherence, moisture, a soft/silky texture, anti-bacterial properties. 
  2. The Charcoal Mineral Mask, which is made from Japanese Kyushu Beech Wood and is meant to absorb impurities, provide moisture, clean pores and control oil. 
All four of the MediHeal X Line Friends face masks are Cellulose Masks. Today, I've got three to share with you. 

The masks have the same instructions - cleanse, tone and apply the mask, wait 20 minutes and remove, then pat in the excess essence. There are cuts on the cheek area for easy shaping. Size-wise they're all a little awkward. Too short lengthwise and too wide widthwise. It will be little small if your face is the slightest bit longer than mine. I found the masks to feel pretty standard - thin, slimy, cold, a little slippery on the face yet still comfortable. 

P.D.F. A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask (aqua - Sally)
Contains Cantella Asiatica, Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Salicylic acid to control oils and make skin clear. Upon removing the mask, my skin felt refreshed. The essence absorbed into my face within 10 minutes, giving it a slight bouncy moisturized texture and leaving a bit of a non-tacky residue. I tried the mask on during a week I was eating mucho pizza and fried foods. The next morning I woke up and all the little lumpy bumpy guys (aka pimples) had dissipated significantly.

I.P.I. Lightmax Ampoule Mask (pink - Cony)
Contains ascorbyl glucoside, Vitamin C and Morus Alba Bark Extract to brighten dull skin. Removal of the mask was refreshing, but not as much so as the P.D.F. A.C. Dressing Ampoule Mask. My skin felt very moisturized The essence absorbed into my face after a little more than 10 minutes and was slightly tacky when I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, residue from the mask had dried down but was pilling on my face when I touched it. I didn't notice any changes to the "brightness" of my skin (results probably require continued use).

N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask (dark blue - Cony, Sally and Brown) 
Contains Soduium Hyaluronate, Ceramide, Witch Hazel extract and mushroom extract to hydrate skin and tighten pores. NMF stands for "natural moisturizing factor". The essence absorbed into my face in about 15 minutes and my skin felt very moisturized. There was a non-tacky residue and no pilling, like I had just applied moisturizer to my face. I tried this one out in the morning and applied makeup over top. I didn't notice my skin acting overly oily throughout the day. This one is the cutest of them all because it has THREE characters on it, instead of just one.

There's no doubt that these face masks are super cute, especially the packaging! But the product itself? The sizing is a bit weird but these perform like other face masks that I've tried. While cuteness is not enough to make me want to pick up the I.P.I Lightmax (pink) or the N.M.F. Aquaring (blue), I think that the P.D.F. A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask (aqua) is the best one I've ever tried for my skin type.

Press samples featured. Mentioned products can be found at, a Canadian/Korean Cosmetics Webstore! 

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